Woman with a flower neck tattoo

Tattoos are permanent art located on the body. Some places may consider tattoos to be unprofessional and abnormal. Covering up tattoos for a job or event can be done in many ways. A neck tattoo may be a bit more difficult to hide if it is in plain sight, such as the front of the neck. A number of accessories and clothing combinations, as well as makeup, will help to cover your tattoo temporarily.

Wear a fashionable scarf either tied or draped around the neck. This fabric will cover and hide the neck tattoo. The most recent and popular way to wear a scarf is to have a lot of the fabric wrapped around the neck. Fold the scarf in half and wrap it around the neck; there will be a closed loop at the end. Grab the end where the tassels are and pull through the loop to secure.

Wear a collared shirt, buttoned up to the second button from the top. Buttoning all the way up may be too tight and stuffy on the neck. Polos, plain button-ups and plaid flannel shirts all have high collars that can hide the tattoo from view. Turtlenecks are the perfect garment to cover up the whole neck.

Hide the tattoo with makeup. Select a foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone and apply with a latex sponge. Blend carefully and use as much as needed to cover. Use a fluffy blush brush and dip in translucent powder to set. There are also many cover-up kits on the market, but they can be costly.

Wear your hair down if you have longer hair. Curl it for more body and fullness that will help cover the neck area. Wear a necklace with a large pendant if the tattoo is in the front of the neck.