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V-neck sweaters are great options for shorter women; they elongate the torso to make them look taller and skinnier. They also add dimensions to busty women who might otherwise look heavy in round-neck sweaters. However, if the V-neck is too large it can be uncomfortably revealing and look sloppy. An overly large neckline can also cause the shoulder portion to fall down over the arm, causing the need for frequent adjustment. There are modifications you can make at home to make your V-neck smaller.

Try on the V-neck sweater to decide where it is too large. If the entire garment is too large for you, try shrinking it slightly by washing it in warm water and tumble drying it in high heat. However, check the garment frequently to make sure it doesn't shrink too much. If only the neckline is too large, skip this step.

Sew buttons to the bottom of the V-neck with the needle and thread to close the neckline. Start with one button, try the sweater on, then decide how many more to add. Sew the buttons close together and add more to create a less-revealing neckline.

Measure and cut a length of ribbon or thick string to create a bow in the middle of the neckline. Either cut small holes to thread the ribbon through, or sew one piece of ribbon to either side of the neckline. Tie the ribbon in a neat bow so it both brings the neckline closer together and makes it smaller. Before you cut holes or sew the ribbon to the sweater, attach the bow with small clothespins to determine exactly where to place them.