Neckties don’t just make decorations for men’s suits and shirts. You can also use neckties to make a unique, stylish purse. You can clean out a closet or visit a thrift shop to recycle old neckties, or you can buy new neckties to get just the colors and patterns you want. You’ll need five neckties to make this purse. The neckties can be matching or complementary colors, or you can use a pattern theme (such as stripes of paisley) or use all different colors and patterns. In any case, you’ll want to pick one tie to use as the center of the purse.

Sew the Neckties into a Purse

Trim each necktie so that it’s 22 inches long from the tip of the wide end. Save the cut-off narrow ends for strap material.

Place the five neckties so that the narrow ends are barely overlapping, with the center tie on top. Pin the narrow ends of the neckties together.

Arrange the neckties so that each wide end overlaps about half of the tie next to it, so that the five neckties form a rectangle. Pin the neckties together.

Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch. Stitch across the overlapping edges between the neckties, so that the zigzag stitch catches both ties in each seam.

Turn the cut end of the neckties over about 1/2 inch toward the backside of the ties. Press the fold flat, then zigzag stitch along the folded edge.

Place the neckties with the back sides facing up. Fold the straight (hemmed) edge of the ties over about 8 inches.

Pin the sides of the folded over area in place to make a pouch. Top stitch along each side of the folded area.

Add the Finishing Touches

Sew the stud (bumpy side) of the snap to the backside of the pointed end of the center tie.

Fold the pointed end of the necktie purse over to make a flap. Position the socket (indented side) of the snap on the front of the purse so that it lines up with the stud. Sew the socket snap to the front of the purse, taking care not to sew the purse shut.

Choose two of the leftover narrow tie ends for the strap of the purse. Cut each tie piece half the length you want the strap, plus 1/2 inch, measuring from the pointed end.

Fold the cut end of one of the ties toward the inside of the tie, about 1/2 inch. Press the folds flat.

Tuck the cut end of the other tie inside the folded end. Zigzag stitch the ties together.

Pin the pointed ends of the tie strap to the sides of the purse. Zigzag stitch the ends of the strap to the purse.