Keeping a North Face jacket looking fuzzy after drying is possible; however, if you wash the jacket on your own, be aware that it may lose its original look and feel. Allowing the jacket to either air dry or dry on a low, tumble setting will keep the jacket closest to its original condition. Use a few simple objects from around the house to maintain the soft outer fuzz of a North Face jacket.

  • Comb
  • Scotch tape

Allow the jacket to dry completely.

Loop the tape so that at least three fingers can fit inside the tape, and connect the open ends. Starting at the top near the collar, rub the tape against the fleece both right to left and up and down. Press hard enough that the fleece moves, but not so hard that you damage the fabric. Repeat over the entire jacket.


Hold the comb, teeth down. Beginning near the collar, rub the comb through the fabric. Move the comb both right to left, as well as up and down, allowing the fleece to move to its original position. Use a fairly light touch so that the fleece moves but you are not pulling fabric from the jacket.


Send the jacket to The North Face Warranty Department for cleaning services. Call 1-855-500-8639 or contact them at the following address:

The North Face®

Warranty Department

14450 Doolittle Drive

San Leandro, CA 94577