How to Make a Fake Hair Ponytail

By Aleksandra Ozimek

Fake hair is a beneficial alternative to short hair, thin hair or as a stylish update to your regular, everyday hairstyle. By clipping-in hair, such as a fake ponytail, your hair looks fuller and more voluminous. At the end of the day, you simply remove the clipped-in hair and go back to your regular, natural hairstyle. Clip-in hair can match the exact color of your hair which allows it to blend beautifully.

A fake ponytail helps make a thin ponytail thicker and fuller.

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair; then brush or comb hair to smooth it and to remove tangles. Separate your hair into two sections horizontally. The top section should be thicker than the bottom section.

Step 2

Make a high or medium ponytail out of the top section, using a brush to make it smooth and sleek. Secure with a hair elastic and pin up any loose strands using bobby pins.

Step 3

Brush the bottom section and make a second ponytail out of it, placing it below the first ponytail; secure with another elastic. Add the first ponytail to this new ponytail and secure with the same elastic, or with a new one.

Step 4

Clip-in your fake ponytail on top of the first ponytail and let it cascade down. Brush the hair on the sides of your head upward, so that you can't see the two separate hair sections. Smooth down any flyaway hair using gel or pomade, or spritz with hairspray.

Step 5

Brush your new, fake ponytail for smoothness, tease it for more volume, or curl it for a formal event.

Step 6

Unclip the ponytail to remove it, then brush it and store away for future use.