How to Make a Dress Less Revealing

By Kimberly Turtenwald

Some situations may allow for a more revealing dress, but others, such as for church or a first date, may require a more modest dress. While some women use this as an excuse to buy a new dress for each occasion, you can reuse the same dress with a few modifications to make it more acceptable in a modest situation. These changes allow you to save money by not purchasing a new dress every time you attend a special event.

Some occasions are not appropriate for a low-cut dress.

Step 1

Wear a tank top or camisole underneath the dress to cover up some of your chest area. This reduces the amount of cleavage that shows and makes the dress seem more modest. Wear a tank top or camisole that complements the dress color.

Step 2

Bring a shawl or wrap to wear with the dress. These items cover your shoulders and can be drawn together in the front to cover your chest more completely.

Step 3

Wear a jacket or sweater over your dress if the weather is cooler. These items can be closed to cover yourself more fully and can give you more coverage for your arms.

Step 4

Put on a skirt extender underneath your dress if it is too short for the occasion. These extenders often add a couple of inches of tulle or lace at the bottom of your skirt. Sometimes a couple of inches makes all the difference.