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After days of high-heeled stilettos, peep-toe pumps, snug suits and cocktail dresses, kicking back in casual garb can be the ultimate relaxation technique for women on the go. With the popularity of "Casual Fridays" in the workplace and casual chic on the streets, women have more options than ever to strut their stuff in casual dress with style or in simplistic laid back fashion. Dressing casual is as easy as it seems, and with a couple of tips women can learn how to apply casual dress to more and more settings.

Casual Dress in the Workplace

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An increasing number of companies are ditching stuffy, workplace attire and reinstating a more fun, casual style of business dress. For those companies, "casual Fridays" are every day, and while employees are still expected to wear clothes that are semi-professional, they have more freedom to dress outside of the black business suit and conservative shoes combo. For women, this means casual, yet semi-conservative dresses like wrap dresses, loose-fitting summer dresses that don't show too much cleavage or leg (knee-length at least), linen pants and casual short-sleeve collar-shirts on hot summer days. Some companies allow jeans and casual tops on their "casual" days as well, and even sneakers can be allowed.

Casual Street Dress

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Regardless if women are going to the mall, shopping along street boutiques, strolling through the park or sifting through books at a bookstore, women have a variety of opportunities to implore casual dress. Jeans can range from skinny to baggy, and shoes can range from sneakers to chic flats to casual boots. Casual dress tops for street wear can include tank tops, fitted short-sleeved and long-sleeved tops, among others. Women can also wear casual loose-fitting dresses, long or short, with low heels as well.

Casual Dress at Parties

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Women can also dress casually at parties and wear casual dresses as opposed to super-short cocktail dresses or mini-dresses. This depends on the type of party or the nature of a club, but for women who don't feel like getting dolled up and are attending parties or clubs that don't have strict dress codes, this can be acceptable. Women can also wear fitted or skinny jeans with fitted tops and low heels to these types of clubs and parties as well.


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Casual dress gives women the opportunity to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. It allows them to not get caught up on appearances or take too much time deciding what to wear for various occasions. Within reason, in any situation, a woman can make her style of dress more casual even in workplace or semi-formal settings. For business settings that require business garb, women can wear low heels and apply that same tactic to semi-formal settings as well.

Time Frame

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Women can wear casual dress throughout the year. Each season simply means a different style of casual dress. In the fall and winter months, women tend to wear casual boots and jeans, while in the spring and summer women break out their flip flops, casual sandals, sundresses and shorts to beat the heat.