How to Make a Corset From a T-Shirt

By LeafTV Editor

In today's economy, knowing how to change up some of your old clothes into new ones is a useful money-saving tool. Why go to the mall when you can just recreate your own closet? Revamping old clothes can also keep you from throwing them in the waste bin, giving them just a few more years of life than you thought was possible. Give an old T-shirt a new lease of life by transforming it into a corset.

Girl wearing grey blank t-shirt and blue jeans.
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How To Make A Corset From A T Shirt


Getting the T-Shirt Down to Size

Fold the large T-shirt in half and use pins to mark the middle of the t-shirt. Then, lay the T-shirt out flat on a table. Set the fitted tank top on top of the t-shirt and line up the underarms. Using chalk, make an outline of the fitted tank top on the large T-shirt.

Sew the front and the back of the large t-shirt together along the chalk lines you've drawn. You can do this by pinning the shirt together anywhere, then following the lines you've drawn with a sewing machine or by hand. Don't sew together the top or bottom of the shirt---you'll need these openings. Just follow the chalk lines you've drawn.

Cut off the original shoulder seams. You can also cut off the sleeves of the shirt. Once you've done this, create a neckline by cutting a rounded line between the new shoulder seams. Sew together any loose ends remaining on either side of the shirt.

Mark 1-inch intervals under each arm, and going down the back of the shirt. Be careful not to place them too close to the newly sewn seam. Then cut the shirt along these 1-inch intervals, making slits towards the seam, to make the corset hooks.

Use shoelaces or cut corset strings from the remaining material that you cut off the original T-shirt. Loop either of these through the holes you cut to make the corset hooks.