How to Make a Coffee Mug Tree

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To make a coffee mug tree you only need a few supplies. You can make a metal mug tree or a wood mug tree, which can be decorated to match the kitchen or a theme. With a little effort, you could make a mug tree in under an hour and it would be ready to decorate. To make the wood mug tree, follow these basic directions.

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How To Make A Coffee Mug Tree

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Cut the two-by-two piece of wood to about a length of 12 inches long. This will be the pole (block) that holds the coffee mug hooks. If staining the coffee mug tree, stain the wood block before assembly.

Cut the 1-inch-thick round piece of wood for the base. This piece should be at least 6 inches across. Sand the edges and make it smooth. If staining the coffee mug tree, stain the round bottom before assembly.

Center the block pole on the round piece of wood. Place some glue on the bottom of the wood block pole. Stay away from the edges, because the glue will spread out once the block pole is pressed on the round base. Let the glue sit and dry for fifteen minutes.

Screw two, 2-inch wood screws through the bottom of the base into the block pole. This step will add stability to the coffee mug tree.

Screw the long L-shaped hooks into the block pole. Space the hooks out so that there are four hooks on each side. Alternate the pattern on each side to hold all the coffee mugs without touching each other.


  • Paint and other decorating supplies can be used instead of stain.

  • This coffee mug tree should not get wet unless it is sealed.