Word Cake Written in Chalk

Cake molds can often be expensive. Many people have cake pans in their kitchen but in order to get a mold that is more exciting to bake in, a lot of money needs to be spent. Many times it is hard to even find the mold you would like to bake your cake in. Using aluminum foil to create your own mold out of shapes or toys in your house can be a very creative and cost effective way to design and bake your own personal creation.

Find an object to use as your model. This can be any shape from a costume mask or child's toy to a salad bowl or pumpkin.

Take four sheets of aluminum foil and stack them over each other. Make one of the sheets larger and place it on the bottom of the stack.

Place the foil over the object with the largest sheet of foil touching the object you are shaping. Smooth the foil over the object until it has perfectly formed its shape.

Take the foil off the object and remove the larger sheet of foil that was touching the object you molded, leaving the rest of the mold intact.

Place the mold on an oven tray or in a larger pan. It is now ready for the cake mix and baking.


  • Experiment with molding simple shapes first such as triangles or moon shapes.