How to Maintain Wet and Wavy Micros

By LeafTV Editor

Micros are tiny weave-based braids designed to look as little like braids as possible. Wet and wavy hair micros are styled using wet and wavy hair that has not been placed on a weft or a track. Maintenance of your braids is important in order to protect your hair as well as the braids. Care should be taken when manipulating your braids as they may slip out your hair over time or break the hair at the root.


Spray the micro braids with plain water and apply leave-in conditioner. Scrunch the hair by grabbing sections of it and squeezing your hand into a fist around it. This will refresh the wavy style of the micro braids. Comb the ends of the hair with a wide-tooth comb to decrease tangles. Be sure to not comb the braids.

Spray micro braids daily with an oil-based moisturizer like oil sheen to maintain the sheen of the style. Braids tend to get dull over time and adding additional spray moisturizer will give the hair a healthy shine. Do not use liquid moisturizer as it will weigh the braid and the waves down.

Wash the braids with clarifying shampoo and light conditioner using warm water. Place the hair in four sections or cornrows going backward before washing to prevent slippage. Apply the shampoo to the roots of your hair and gently rub the scalp to clean the hair but do not rub the braids themselves. Remove the sections and apply leave-in conditioner. Scrunch to restore the wavy texture of the hair. Allow the hair to air dry or sit under a dryer to dry the air and never go to sleep with the hair wet.

Visit the hair salon every three to four weeks to get the edges of your hair re-braided to keep your braids looking fresh and well-groomed. If you have loose or stray hairs, slick them down using alcohol free styling gel.