How to Maintain Attractive Dreadlocks

By LeafTV Editor

How to Maintain Attractive Dreadlocks. Many consider dreadlocks to be a dirty, unkempt hairstyle. However, the increasing popularity of the style has revealed just how healthy, versatile and attractive it can be. Dreadlocks can be braided, curled, colored, worn in an elegant chignon or pulled back into a classic ponytail. Dreadlocks can be neat and attractive enough to assimilate into professional environments.

Maintain Attractive Dreadlocks

Step 1

Wash and condition your dreadlocks regularly. One of the biggest misconceptions about dreadlocks is that they are unclean. Like any other hairstyle, wash dreadlocks regularly using a mild, clear shampoo to prevent buildup. How often you wash the hair depends on your lifestyle. For example, someone who exercises daily may prefer to wash his hair each day after working out. Conditioning the hair is optional. Hair experts recommend a leave-in conditioning spray as opposed to a creamy rinse out version to prevent product build up.

Step 2

Cover your dreadlocks every night. Before going to bed, cover your head with a simple silk or satin scarf, bonnet or any of the many specialty wraps on the market for dreadlocks. This is essential to maintaining a neat style. Covering the hair prevents dreadlocks from becoming fuzzy or frizzy from the friction of the hair against the pillowcase at night. It also prevents dreadlocks from accumulating lint, leading to an unkempt appearance.

Step 3

Avoid using excessive hair products. Simple is best when it comes to styling and maintaining neat and attractive dreadlocks. Products like beeswax, heavy pomades and sticky gels attract dirt and lint to hair. If you choose to use these products, pick water soluble items and use a clarifying shampoo once a month in conjunction with your regular shampoo to eliminate product build up.