Ulzzang or ?? means best face in Korean. An ulzzang is a girl or boy who has a very attractive face, however most use the term to describe those who have gained fame through the internet or real life through their looks. Popular among the Asian crowd, many Asian girls try to emulate the ulzzang look to look cute. With some makeup skills, contacts and fake eyelashes, you can look like a cute ulzzang too!

Prep the face before applying makeup. If your skin is too dry, moisturize, if oily, wash it. Doing this will ensure the makeup can adhere well to the skin, and so it lasts longer all day.

Next, put circle lenses into your eyes. Circle lenses are what make ulzzangs eyes look so doll like and adorable. The most popular colors are black, brown, and gray.

This step is optional, but for those Asians who wish to have the "double eyelid" look, apply eyelid glue or tape to the eyes and using the pusher stick, poke into the lid what shape you want until you get a crease

After, apply foundation in your skin tone with either your fingers or foundation brush, evenly. Make sure to cover all blemishes and spots, if hard to cover, use a concealer. Be sure to blend the foundation well, especially near the neck and hairline.

Next, set the foundation by sweeping the finishing powder lightly all over the face with a thick brush such as a Kabuki brush. Doing this makes your face look smooth and delicate, and softens your features.

Now, it is time to do the eyes. Using a sponge applicator or brush, apply white eyeshadow lightly to your eyelids, extending up to the brow. By doing this lightly, you will be highlighting your eyes to achieve brightness, but not too much so you look like a clown.

Next, take the liquid eyeliner, draw a line on your lashline. The shape and thickness will vary on your eye type, but it should not be too thin or thick. Make a little flick on the outer corners of the eyes for a slight cat look, very cute! If you are not skilled with liquid eyeliner, line first in black pencil liner and go over it with the liquid slowly. Practice makes perfect.

After lining your eyes, curl your lashes with the lash curler. This step is essential, as if you apply fake eyelashes without curling your real lashes, you will look like you have different levels of lashes, which can look very odd. If you have stubborn straight lashes, while squeezing the curler, pull upwards a bit to achieve a curl.

The next step is to apply fake eyelashes to your lashline. When selecting eyelashes, make sure they are long, wispy and with alternating lengths. This is important to the look, as lashes that are the same length and are thick look "dragqueenish". Invisiband lashes are also the best, as you cannot tell where the band is. To put the fake lashes on, simply glue a thin line of lash glue to the lash strip, and apply with either tweezers or your fingers, whichever is easier. Press and apply pressure with the tweezers or your fingers onto the lash so it adheres to your lashline and stays. You may angle the lash a little upwards so the lashes really stand out. Afterwards you can then proceed to glue the lash to your other eye.

Next, using black mascara, lengthen your bottom lashes. Most ulzzangs only lengthen the bottom lashes as long as they can, but if you have little or short lashes, you could simply glue fake bottom lashes to the bottom. After you can lightly add a little eyeliner to 3/4 of your bottom rim, however, be cautious, you do not want to look like a raccoon. Many ulzzangs don't line their bottom rim much, or at all.

Finally for the eyes, apply white shadow to the inner corner of your eyes/the bottom. Put some silver glitter with the glitter pen, and your eyes are set! Very cute!

Now that your eyes are done, apply either clear or pink ligloss to your lips. Optionally you can lightly put a little blush on your cheeks. Your face is now done!

All thats left is to style your hair and put on a cute outfit. Most ulzzangs have very pretty, volumous hair. To get volume on the top, tease it with a comb and hairspray it. You can choose to wear your hair straight or curly. Now make sure your nails are painted in a cute color, and head out and take pictures! You now look like an ulzzang!


Get circle lenses that look best in your skin color. Mostly, black, brown, and gray look good in any skin tone. Do not photoshop pictures heavily, if possible, avoid it. Stay away from any circle lense that says "Hypercircle" or "Hyperlens". These will give you the scary alien eye look. Practice practice practice with makeup and looks. Look online, blogs, magazine scans, and other ulzzang girls for ideas. Have fun and be cute!


Be wary of fake circle lenses. These are dangerous and can hurt your eyes, make sure where you purchased them has authentic ones. GEO brand lenses carry a verification code you can put online to verify. Honeycolor.com has good priced authentic lenses. Take care of your lenses to avoid infection or possible blindness. Follow the directions on the package when caring for them. Do not wear them for more than 5 hours, especially if it is your first time. The amount of time varies on each person, it is usually suggested to wear them for a few hours, then add 2 hours each day to adjust.