How to Look Skinny at the Beach (When You're Fat)

By LeafTV Team

There is no magic pill that will make a truly overweight person look skinny at a beach. A flabby body is going to be a flabby body no matter what you do until you take the weight off. The next best thing is to try some appearance tricks that don't emphasize your extra pounds.

Step 1

Invest in a slimming swimsuit. Some companies specialize in suits that minimize body parts. If you're heavy in the hips, look for a suit that targets the hips. If the weight is the stomach, get a suit designed to flatten the stomach area. A suit with an attached skirt could help you cover heavy thighs.

Step 2

Pick a color that won't draw attention to your weight. Choose dark colors over bright colors. A woman carrying weight in the lower-half of her body should stick to solid colors from the waist down.

Step 3

Create a tanned look, which can at least give your skin a healthy appearance. Try a tanning lotion or at-home spray tan can before you go to the professionals.