How to Look Rich

By LeafTV Editor

Many people want to stand out from the crowd, mix with rich people or maybe they want to impress someone with their wealth and power. You can appear like someone of old money if you use these techniques. You do not have to be rich to look rich, and you can impress people with only a few actions. Learn how to look rich even if you're just a $30,000 "millionaire."

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How To Look Rich


Keep yourself well groomed and always have good hygiene. Men should make sure they trim their beards, be clean shaven and have clean hair cut and clean nails.

Keep your skin clear of any blemishes. Women should pamper their faces and apply moisturizer daily. Make sure the hair is clean, shiny and looking natural. Make sure the color looks natural, as well.

Be polite and act with class. Say "yes," "thank you," "please" and other various well-mannered words. Walk with absolute confidence, and shine from the inside out.

Dress with class. Wear outfits that compliment your shape and accessories should match. For men, wearing a jacket and tie can make them look wealthy and rich, while a woman in a skirt, blouse and suit jacket will look very classy. Women can even rent expensive handbags for a designer look for less.

Buy jewelery that appears to look real. Find replacements for diamonds and pearls and other jewels. Wear a sparkling watch or buy knock-off designer labels that appear to be real. These items will make you look rich, but chose the items carefully so you don't appear too gaudy.

Hang out in wealthy places even if you cannot afford a full dinner or night at a club. Splurge one night and mingle. Do not act desperate, as rich people tend not to. Once you make friends in the right circles, then you will appear rich and successful.