mature woman in swimwear at the sea.

Being overweight doesn't have to be a curse. While most women feel uncomfortable in both their skin and their clothing when chubby, with some confidence and the right choice of clothing, you can look just as cute as the skinny girls. So, it's time to stop feeling bad about a bit of extra fat and start feeling fabulous about the way you look.

Choose the right underwear to help streamline your chubby figure, because while loose, flimsy underwear may be comfortable, it only accentuates your problem areas. Choose fitted panties with low legs and a high waist to help trim your hips. Your bra should be well fitted to help lift your breasts while accentuating your waist. If wearing tight blouses, consider a comfortable body suit that will help to tuck your tummy.

Select cute clothes that accentuate your personal style and make you feel good. When dressing a chubby figure, look for pants and blouses that are not too fitted but not baggy either. While a tight outfit will make your problem areas stand out, baggy clothes will make you look bigger than you really are. Make sure that your clothing is loose enough to be comfortable, but don't try to hide your figure behind clothing that is two sizes too big.

Dress in simple patterns or plain-colored fabrics that do not add weight to your figure. While horizontal stripes may be cute, they only make you look wide. Additionally, darker colors, such as greens, purples, browns and blacks are generally more thinning than pastels.

Purchase pants cut mid-high. A low-cut pair of pants will cause a chubby roll above the waist line while high-cut pants will give you a belly. Pants should be cut just above the hip bones for the most comfortable and form-appropriate look. Skirt waistlines should follow the same guidelines and can be worn with cute leggings to help hide those chubby legs.

Set off your cute look with the right accessories. When choosing belts, look for medium width, as too thin or too wide can add inches to your waistline. Wear simple necklaces and earrings with large pendants to lengthen your neck and accentuate a full bosom.

Get a cute haircut that sets off your facial features. While most chubby women look better with medium or long hair, don't hide behind your locks. Experiment with color, curls and clips to find the right look for your face and figure. You don't have to stick to one style, as you may find a number of cute 'dos that work for you.

Make yourself up right with the perfect mix of makeup. Many chubby women make the mistake of wearing too much make up, trying to hide behind thick mascara and bright lipstick. Streamline your looking, choosing natural tones and soft lipsticks that accentuate your fresh, cute look.