How to Look Like Megan Fox

By LeafTV Editor

How to Look Like Megan Fox. Megan Fox is the beauty who stole the spotlight in "Transformers", and she shines on the red carpet. Although she prefers to dress on the casual side, she knows how to show a little skin in a killer dress. Looking like Megan Fox won't be easy, but if you pull it off, men will be drooling all over you.

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Step 1

Join a gym. Megan Fox is incredibly fit and shows a lot of skin, so you'll want to be as in shape as she is. Do a combination of cardio and strength exercises and try Pilates to maintain that long, lean look.

Step 2

Tan yourself. Lay out in the sun or go to a tanning bed or fake one if you're worried about your skin. Apply tanning lotion evenly all over your body or go get a Mystic Tan for a fake tan that will last for days and be perfectly even.

Step 3

Grow your hair long or get extensions. Dye it dark brown. Go to a salon and have it professionally done or do it at home. Since Megan Fox has dark brown hair, you can do it pretty simply yourself.

Step 4

Style your hair by parting it down the middle and blow-drying it straight with a round brush to give it volume. Curl the ends of your hair into loose waves. Throw your head back and forth a few times to give yourself a messy, "bed head" look.

Step 5

Apply a light foundation and bronzer to your face. Line your entire eye with black eyeliner and apply mascara. Use light-colored, shimmery eye shadow to bring our your blue eyes. If you don't have blue or at least green eyes, consider getting colored contacts, because Megan Fox has very blue eyes.

Step 6

Wear jeans most of the time with tight t-shirts or tank tops that show off your toned midriff. Slip on a sleeveless, low-cut, short dress in red, pink, white or black. Wear sneakers, tall boots or sandals with your jeans or very high heels with your dress. Carry a messenger bag for everyday and a small clutch with your evening dress.

Step 7

Visit a tattoo artist and get tattoos like Megan Fox. She has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her arm, her boyfriend's name on her hip and a poem on her back. Use her tattoos as inspiration for your own. She wrote the poem on her back, so write your own and have it tattooed somewhere on your body.