How to Look Like an Angel

By LeafTV Editor

How to Look Like an Angel. There are some people who seem to float by with an angelic look on their face that's hard to resist. Fortunately, those who aren't born looking angelic can achieve the look with some attention to their appearance.

Step 1

Remove as many blemishes from your face as possible and keep them away by washing your face carefully, thoroughly and often with a gentle cleanser such as Joey New York's Quick Blackhead Dissolver. Try to fight the small blemishes that hinder an angelic look so you prevent them from arising. Also, use a teeth whitener, like Zoom Whitener, to get that perfect, angelic look on your face.

Step 2

Wear some very light, sparkly eyeliner, like Laura Geller's Baked Marble Eyeliner, that brings out the color of your eyes. Then, sprinkle some glitter very lightly at the corner of your eyes so that your face catches and reflects the light at certain angles.

Step 3

Put on some Sheenstick Angelic lip gloss so that the middle of your bottom lip so your mouth has an angelic shine on it. Make sure that any lipstick you wear is very lightly colored so you look more angelic than devilish.

Step 4

Brush your hair so it's neat and flowing in celestially smooth bands. Keep your hair color natural looking since unnatural colors detract from the angelic look.

Step 5

Dress in light clothing that fits you well. Put on a top layer that is almost see-through and a clean white shirt underneath it. Go for white, light blue, pink or earth tones to complete your angel outfit.

Step 6

Move around lightly and try to look happy. Keep only a light smile on your face and be careful not to exaggerate it. When people greet you, return the greeting happily and, most of all, calmly.