How to Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model

By LeafTV Editor

How to Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model. Perfect hair, long, thin legs, and flat tummies can be found on the pages of the Victoria's Secret catalog. If that's your ideal, you can look and feel like a Victoria's Secret model, provided you put in the time.

Step 1

Cut pictures out of the Victoria's Secret catalog of models you aspire to look like. Tape them to your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror to remind you of your goal.

Step 2

Determine your daily caloric needs to reach your goal weight. Use the calculator on the American Cancer Society's website. Enter your goal weight and activity level and you see how much you need to eat each day to reach your goal. Victoria's Secret models are fit and healthy, so make your goal weight realistic. Starving yourself isn't necessary.

Step 3

Exercise each day. Victoria's Secret models have extremely toned bodies so incorporate cardiovascular work, such as running or using an elliptical, to burn fat. Use toning exercises to firm and define your muscles. Join a gym or hire a personal trainer.

Step 4

Take care of your skin. Wear makeup daily and dress like a model in fashionable clothing.

Step 5

Purchase some new clothing, perhaps even a new bathing suit and take pictures to track your progress. Making small goals and rewarding yourself when you reach those goals helps give you the confidence you need to look and feel like a Victoria's Secret model.