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Everyone wants to look attractive in pictures, but it is not always an easy task. There are many factors that effect how we appear in a photograph. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you want your photo to conjure up one word: hot.

Decide your definition of hot: This can be sexy, gorgeous, attractive or very good looking. Most of the time, the idea of looking hot in a picture conjures up a sexy image.

Research other hot pictures. Photo-sharing sites such as Flickr and Webshots have community pages where you can search for pictures similar to the kind of hot you are trying to portray.

Style your hair to be hot. Cosmopolitan magazine's Web site offers many different options and styles for making your hair look sexy for pictures, including quick fixes. Some people think volume adds sexiness; sites such as offer tips for bigger-means-better, sexy hair.

Apply the right makeup. Although extra makeup is sometimes needed to enhance features in a photo, don't over-do it. Use enough blush to accentuate cheek bones. The right color of eye shadow can enhance eyes, but too much will hide eyes and can make you look like a raccoon. Layer colors with definition to add to features, but not distract. Apply black eyeliner lightly under the lower lashes and heavier on the top of the lashes. Rub and blend the upper eyeliner to give a smoky, sexy appearance to eyes. Outline lips to make them more full, but don't let the line be too distinct or the lips will appear comical, not sexy. Gloss your lips. Lips are one of the most appealing features for looking hot in a photograph.

Use good lighting. Professional photographers and cinematographers know that good lighting is one of the most important aspects of an attractive picture. Make sure you are well-lit and that shadows fall behind you. It is important not to over-light or you will look pale and harsh. How you are lit can impact how sexy a picture will look. Unless you have studio-quality lights, the best thing to do is take your pictures outside during early morning or evening light, which offers the best effect and texture.

Pose properly. There are many poses that can appear sexy. Decide the look you want to achieve and position yourself similarly to pictures you researched. Take multiple shots in each pose. A slight tilt to the head, movement of the arm, or expression in the eyes can change the picture's image. Take close-ups or shots that only show part of you. Taking full body shots can look awkward if not posed correctly. Pictures that are taken of you lying down from an angle of someone looking at you from the side and showing just your head, shoulders and torso can be very sexy.
Style magazines and Web sites are a great source of ideas for poses for your own pictures.

Dress hot. There is a difference between looking hot and looking cheap. Tailor your outfit to still leave room for imagination. Revealing too much in a picture will make you look tacky, not hot. Wear clothes that flatter your body type. Tight-fitting can look sexy, but can appear unattractive from the wrong angle or if not done properly.

Experiment to see which colors look best on you. Use colors that flatter your skin: Different complexions photograph better paired with certain colors.


Take pictures from the best angle possible. Everyone has a preferred side or angle that they feel looks better in a photograph. Test shots are a good way to figure out your best angle before taking the actual picture you will use for your hot photo.

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