How to Locate the Reflexology Spleen Zone. The spleen is a vital organ in the immune system. Its main function is to destroy old red blood cells and to hold a small reservoir of blood. Reflexology stimulates the spleen and encourages it to work more efficiently. Reflexology is a type of massaging application where another person applies pressure to specific areas of the feet and hands to stimulate and relieve stress.

Instruct the patient to sit or lie down. Make her as comfortable as possible. This aides in the reflexology process. If the body is relaxed it responds better to the treatment.

Hold the left foot of the patient in your hands. Rub your thumbs down the sole of the foot. This is one of the spleen zones. Apply pressure as you rub. The best way to do this is to use your thumbs.

Apply pressure to the outside edge of the arch of the foot. This is not the edge of the foot itself but the area of the foot just before the fatty section toward the outside.

Take the right hand of the patient into your hands and massage the hand in between the small finger and ring finger just below the top pad of the hand. This is another reflexology spleen zone. Apply pressure in a circular motion to this area to stimulate the spleen.


Other parts of your body such as your ear are used for reflexology although there are more concentrated nerve endings in the palm of your hands and on the bottom of your feet.