How to Locate the Reflexology Adrenal Gland Zone. Your energy levels are regulated by the amount of adrenaline and cortisol in your system. The adrenal glands secrete and regulate the fluids that assist you in stress responses and energy levels. Locating the adrenal gland zone in reflexology benefits you by stimulating these glands through nerves in the palms of your hands and the bottoms of your feet.

Sit across from the patient. Have her place her feet in your lap. Make sure she is comfortable. Use lotion or massage oil to relax the patient during the reflexology treatment.

Pick up one foot and begin to massage the top and the inside of the arch of the foot. The zone for the adrenal gland is located next to the inside edge and the top of the arch of both feet.

Repeat the process in Step 2 with the other foot. Remember to rub and apply pressure to the bottom of the foot until the patient's discomfort subsides.

Ask the patient to place either hand in your hand with their fingers outstretched. Take your other hand and rub the bottom inside of the thumb. Apply pressure at the area above the curve and the bottom of the hand before the wrist. These are adrenal gland zones.

Repeat the reflexology process in Step 4 for the other hand. Apply the pressure until the tenderness and pain the patient feels dissipates.