How to Line Lips Without a Lip Pencil

By Lea WhiteFeather

Certain looks call for the precision of a lip liner, such as if you were channeling Old Hollywood glamor or vintage pin-up beauty. However, you may want a more natural look that is perfectly wearable for everyday, yet still polished. Lose the lip pencil and give this technique a try.

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Step 1

Exfoliate lips for smooth lip-color application. You can do it in the shower by buffing your lips gently with a clean washcloth. Press lip balm onto lips and allow to absorb before proceeding.

Step 2

Pat makeup primer onto lips and around lips. This prevents lip makeup from bleeding and feathering and helps color stay on longer. Let dry.

Step 3

Powder lips with translucent powder if desired. This gives you more of a blank canvas so that color shows up truer to its original shade.

Step 4

Use a lip brush to apply your lip color of choice. For a more natural look as though you just bit down on your lips, select a color close to your natural one but more vivid. Begin in the center of both your top and bottom lips, working outwards. Press the color into lips rather than spreading it on. This creates more of a stained effect rather than the appearance of your lip color sitting on top of your lips. Make sure to get the inner corners of your mouth.

Step 5

Blend the color that is already on your lips outwards so that it touches the outline of your lips. Follow your natural lip line with your lip brush so the shape of your lips comes out but without the harder edges of a lip pencil.