How To Lighten Skin On Hands Feet

The skin on your hands and feet may darken due to prolonged sun exposure. Even a little bit of sun daily adds up over the years and can make the skin there much darker than your natural complexion. Your skin can also darken there via sunless tanning or bronzing products. If the skin on your hands and feet is darker than you would like it to be, there are various things you can do to lighten it. With repeated treatment, you'll notice the skin gradually lightening over time.

Wash your hands and feet using a hydroxy acid cleanser. Hydroxy acids encourage skin cell regeneration. As a result, your newer, lighter skin cells will be produced more rapidly to replace your older, sun-damaged or dyed skin cells. Toners, serums, lotions and creams also contain hydroxy acids.

Exfoliate your hands and feet, using a body scrub and natural loofah. Dead skin cells reside on the surface of your skin. If your skin is darker due to sun exposure, sloughing away these cells will help to lighten your skin. Likewise, if these cells are darker due to self-tanning lotions, your skin will become lighter if you exfoliate regularly.

Apply bleaching cream to your hands and feet. Bleaching cream gradually lightens your skin. You must apply it regularly for several weeks before seeing results. You can find over-the-counter bleaching creams at most drug and cosmetic stores. For stronger varieties, talk to your doctor about prescription-strength bleaching cream.

Get a chemical peel. In this procedure, chemicals are applied to the backs of your hands and the tops of your feet. These chemicals react with your skin, effectively burning away the top layers of skin. The underlying skin layers will be less sun damaged and, therefore, lighter.

Try microdermabrasion. This intense exfoliation procedure removes the top layers of your skin via the use of a small buffing device. Once your skin heals, it will look lighter and less damaged. You can get microdermabrasion at most dermatologists' offices.

Wear sunscreen on your hands and feet daily. Any degree of sun exposure can lead to darkened skin. If you'll be outside for extended periods of time, opt for protective clothing such as socks and gloves.


  • Moisturize your hands and feet regularly. Many of the procedures that lighten your skin can also make your skin dry.