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Scars can mar an otherwise nice complexion. If you have red or pink scars on your skin, they are likely new scars. Over time, scars generally fade to a white color. You don't have to simply live with scars, though. Thankfully, new scars respond more quickly to scar reduction treatments. With care, you can effectively reduce the redness of your scars, helping them to better blend in with the surrounding skin.

Apply bleaching cream to your scars. Bleaching creams gradually lighten areas of hyper-pigmentation so that they blend in with surrounding skin. Bleaching creams are available over-the-counter in most drug and cosmetic stores. Most bleaching creams contain hydroquinone as their active ingredient, which gradually lightens dark areas.

Use hydroxy acids. These naturally occurring acids come in alpha, beta and poly forms, and all encourage skin cell regeneration, making them appropriate for reducing scar redness. This means that new skin cells are more rapidly produced to replace your red, damaged skin cells. Hydroxy acids are ingredients in a range of skincare products, such as serums, lotions, toners and cleansers.

Massage the scarred area. Massage increases circulation, allowing vital blood and nutrients to more easily reach the scarred skin, thereby expediting your skin's healing process. As your skin heals more quickly, the scar's redness will be reduced. Apply firm pressure to rub the area. Try this treatment daily for approximately two minutes.

Rub scar treatment cream on the area. Scar treatment creams usually contain natural ingredients such as onion extract to gradually fade scars. They work best on new scars, helping to reduce redness. The creams work gradually. Generally, you must apply the cream two to three times daily, for at least 12 weeks, before seeing results.

Try lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching remedy. Its acidity helps to lighten darkened areas of skin. If you apply lemon juice to your scar daily, it will work to gradually lighten the scar's redness.

Talk to your dermatologist about laser treatment. Lasers are often used to treat scars. The laser's light breaks up areas of darkened pigmentation. This treatment lightens red scars, helping them to better blend in with the rest of your skin. Often, repeated laser treatment sessions are necessary to effectively reduce a scar's redness. Laser scar treatment is the fastest, most effective method for improving the appearance of scars. In most cases, scars can be completely removed via laser treatment.


  • Keep your skin moisturized. Scars appear worse on dry skin.