How to Lighten Hair With Peroxide. Peroxide may be one of the oldest tricks in the book for lighten hair quickly, easily and cheaply. Peroxide will permanently lighten your hair just as well as over-the-counter products; however, it doesn't contain the vast array of toxic chemicals that most bleaching products do. If not applied properly, peroxide may dry out your hair, so learn a few tips before getting out the bottle.

Combine 1 cup of peroxide, 2 tbsp. of honey, two egg yolks and the juice from one fresh lemon, stirring well. These measurements are for medium length hair, so if you have long hair you may need to double the recipe for even lightening.

Wet your hair and wring out all of the excess water. Comb your hair thoroughly to release any tangles that may impede even distribution of your peroxide mixture.

Apply the mixture evenly to your hair, using a medium sized paintbrush if necessary. Make sure the mixture is spread evenly from root to tip, to prevent uneven lightening and streaking.

Tie your hair up in a bun and cover your head with a shower cap. Leave the peroxide mixture in your hair overnight for the best lightening results. Rinse the mixture from your hair thoroughly in the morning, shampooing as normal, and check your color. For extra lightening, apply the peroxide mixture a second time, but be aware you may over-strip your hair of the essential oils it needs to stay shiny and healthy.


Peroxide reacts badly with chlorine, so unless you want a mop of bright orange hair, it is best to avoid chlorinated swimming pools.