Blonde woman holding her hands in hair

When bleaching your hair, the toner is extremely important because it determines what kind of shade you are going to get. Platinum, silver, ash, beige and chiffon are all different shades of light blond that you can get after bleaching your natural pigment out of your hair, and they all depend on what toner you use. Bleach will bring your hair to a 'brassy' orange or yellow, and the toner will turn your hair into a more natural and desirable color.

Rinse all bleach out of your hair and pat with a towel to get rid of the excess water. After you have bleached your hair to the desired lightness, you may still have an orange or yellow tint to your hair. If your hair has an orange tint, you will need a blue to neutralize it. If your hair is a bright yellow, you will need to use the toner with a purple base.

Mix your toner with the developer according to the instructions on the particular brand you are using. Always read the instructions for the correct developer-to-toner ratio, because all brands are a little different.

Apply the toner on your bleached hair and leave it on for the amount of time that is suggested on the box. If you have done a "swatch test"' before you even began bleaching your hair, then you should go by how long it took for the toner to work on your hair swatch.

Rinse the toner and developer mixture thoroughly out of your hair. Be sure to deep condition your hair where you have just bleached, because bleaching is a very damaging process.


  • Cut a small piece from the lower layer of your hair, secure it together with a small elastic or a piece of tape and put it through the whole bleaching and toning process so you know exactly what to expect before bleaching your whole head.

  • If your hair starts to look brassy again after washing it a few times, use a special shampoo that has a blue or purple tint to neutralize the orange or yellow tint.