How to Know Your Complexion By Season

By LeafTV Editor

How to Know Your Complexion By Season. Your natural coloring may be compared to the seasons, fall, winter, spring and summer. According to the fashion industry, each season should wear certain colors. So next time the saleslady at the department store exclaims that a certain eye makeup was made for your beautiful fall complexion, you'll know what she means.

Step 1

Choose rich colors, such as black, navy or red or lighter colors, such as yellow, pink or white if you have a winter complexion. Winters have blue or rosy undertones in their skin. Winters should avoid earthy colors, such as beige, gold or orange.

Step 2

Select neutral or pastel tones, such as pink, mauve or pale yellow if you have a summer complexion. Summers have blue or pink undertones in their skin. Summers should avoid wearing any bright tones, such as black or orange.

Step 3

Pick earthy tones, such as beige, olive, orange and brown if you have a fall complexion. Falls have golden undertones in their skin. Falls should avoid pastels and light colors, such as light blue.

Step 4

Find soft colors, such as peach, yellow, brown or aqua if you have a spring complexion. Springs also have golden undertones in their skin, but they are a bit more subtle than the fall's. Springs should avoid dark colors, such as black; they should steer clear of white too.

Step 5

Buy makeup shades and clothing colors according to your complexion. Most makeup salespeople are trained to determine your season.