Have you ever bought a purse that you absolutely loved, but ended up hating because the straps were constantly sliding off your shoulder? There is nothing graceful about fumbling with your purse trying to get money out while the handles are tangling you up.

Sometimes, there are two handles, and maybe one wants to fall off to get away from it's mate periodically. You can see women in the stores constantly pulling up their purse handles. It looks slightly more attractive than hitching up a bra strap.

This solution should help you keep your purse handles together and help prevent their falling off your shoulder. It should work on all materials, and is washable and flexible.

Go to the fabric section of any store like Walmart, Target or KMart and locate the Velcro fasteners.

Purchase the color that best suits your needs for the color of your purse.

Make sure the back of the fasteners is sticky and made for fabric. Some of these types of fasteners do not have a sticky back.

Choose the size that will be less in width than the handle of your purse so it will not show.

Choose the rough half of the fasteners. Press these on the underside of your handles. You may want to use several to cover the area that meets your blouse/shirt fabric. If you need to move them around after placement, you can, but after sitting for a few hours they become permanent, so be sure you are satisfied with them.

Fasten both straps together (make sure you have enough strap length to still open your purse well) by placing one fastener on one strap and the mate on the other and press together with the sticky part on the purse.

Cut the Velcro to fit the size of your straps if it is too big. Once placed and worn, you will notice the fasteners may make a tiny scratching sound. If that is not to your liking, then you can use suede or chamois with fabric glue. Cut small strips to fit the shoulder area, smaller than the strap width.


Velcro may not work on bare shoulders! Will not work on spaghetti strap purses.