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Knee-high boots demand attention -- they draw the eye to the legs. Boots that slouch can give the look of cankles, and no one wants that; instead, your boots should appear almost as an extension of your legs. Strategic boot choices -- along with some stylist-inspired hocus-pocus -- may be just what you need to stop the slouch for good.

Simple Slouching Fixes

If your boots fit loosely at the ankles only, wear a thick pair of athletic socks. For boots that are loose all over, try non-slip knee-high socks. To stick your boots securely in place, add double-sided fashion tape or toupee tape on the inside to help adhere the boot to your socks. You can also buy clever slouch-proofing products, such as garters, that use magnets to keep your boots where they belong.

Shopping and Care Tips

Boot style matters for more than just trends and personal taste; a correctly fitted boot can kick slouch to the curb. On slim legs or dainty ankles, a stiff-material is more likely to slouch; a stretchy boot is a smarter choice. A lace-up boot is best if you need a looser fit in the calves but a tighter fit at the knees. No matter your style, how you store your boots helps preserve their form. Hang them in your closet with clips attached to hangers or fill the legs of the boots; pool noodles -- those foam floating toys -- work swimmingly for this.

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