How to Keep Eye Makeup From Creasing

By Barbie Carpenter

A glamorous eye-makeup look can fall flat when your shadow shifts and creeps into the crease. Eyeshadow creasing is a common, albeit frustrating, occurrence. Create a longer-lasting look by targeting the oil that accumulates on your eyelid and results in displaced shadow.

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Why It Creases

Like other cosmetic products, your shadows can crease, creating an unnatural and caked-on appearance. Eyeshadow, in particular, is susceptible to creasing because of oil on your eyelids. This oil interacts with the eye color, causing it to slide and fall into the crease of your lid. Your eyeliner also might shift from your lash line to the crease, compounding the problem.

Eliminating the Creasing

Oily eyelids are the cause of shadow creasing, so the solution begins with targeting this oil. Your lids naturally produce oil, but that doesn't mean that you can't minimize its effects.

Ditch the Eye Cream

Eye cream might help minimize signs of aging, but it might also be contributing to shadow creasing. Avoid applying cream to your lids, as this product creates an oily surface for color application.

Build the Base

Just like your face requires foundation, so do your eyes. Choose a base, or primer, to create a matte lid. You can find specially designed eyelid primers or bases to reduce the oil. Or, apply a pressed powder to prep your lids. Concealer is another option to help create a crease-free cosmetic look.

You can also soak up oil with the foundation and powder or concealer and powder duos that you use on your face. Moreover, a bit of eyelid prep will help reduce any eyeliner running or creasing as well.

Choose the Right Products

Not all eyeshadows are created equally. Some can help minimize creasing, while others are more likely to creep.

Powdered eye colors are your best bet if you're worried about creasing. Opt for matte varieties of powdered shadows, and avoid shimmery ones, which are more prone to this problem. The looser the shadow, the less oily the pigment. So, if creasing is a major issue for you, opt for a loose powdered product for optimal results.

Avoid cream eyeshadows, which are more likely to interact with the oil on your lids and result in creasing. However, if you're a cream shadow loyalist, reduce this problem by gently tapping some translucent powder on your lids to set the product.