Amber sea salt, sugar scrub and orchid on tray (focus on sugar scrub)
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If your skin is dry and in need of exfoliation, treat it to an indulgent sugar scrub. Making your own sugar scrub will save you money and ensure that the skin treatment contains no harmful ingredients. To create the scrub, simply combine coarse sugar with an oil of your choice, such as jojoba. Customize the scrub with essential oils as a special touch. The key to keeping the scrub from separating is to incorporate emulsifying wax into the recipe.

Pour six cups of oil, such as jojoba, olive, sweet almond or apricot, in a mixing bowl to make a large batch of sugar scrub. Melt one teaspoon of emulsifying wax in a microwave, stir it into the oil and blend.

Add drops of essential oil, such as lavender, orange or peppermint, slowly into the wax and oil mixture until you reach the desired scent.

Pour six cups of white or brown cane sugar into the wax and oil mixture. Stir to thoroughly combine.

Transfer the sugar scrub into glass jars featuring airtight lids to keep the product fresh.