Sometimes, in order to maintain your beautiful look, you have to become "not so beautiful." That includes wearing things such as mud masks and hair rollers. Needless to say, you don't want everyone to see you in such a vulnerable state. So what do you do? You get creative. You can still wear your rollers and curlers to get beautified. However, wear them in such a way that they don't draw unwanted attention.

Place a nice bonnet or wrap over your rollers and curlers if you are just lounging at home. The bonnet will allow you to be comfortable while, at the same time, be presentable if that special someone should come over.

Tie a beautiful scarf around your head if you are going out on the town and don't want your rollers to be seen. Be sure to get a longer scarf so that you can tie it creatively in a bow or leave part of it hanging. This will give the impression that you are making a fashion statement instead of trying to conceal the rollers and curlers. Throw on some earrings to embellish the look even more.

Wear a hat to cover up your rollers and curlers. Needless to say, baseball caps are not recommended since the cap won't sit well over the bulky rollers. Instead, go for a loose "Beret" style hat. The looseness of the beret hat will prevent the rollers and curlers hidden underneath it from being detected.