How to Hide a Large Forehead

By LeafTV Editor

A large forehead is nothing to be ashamed about. Whether you love it or hate it, there are days when you just want to cover it up and hide it. It's a lot easier then you think!

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How To Hide A Large Forehead


How To Hide A Large Forehead

One way to hide a large forehead if you don't have bangs is to wear a thick headband. The headband will draw a person's eyes toward the headband instead of toward the size of your forehead that you're trying to cover.

If you're trying to hide a large forehead, get some bangs. One way to style your bangs to hide your forehead is to have them hanging straight down over your forehead. They should end right above your eyebrow. If you have curly hair, use a large, round brush and a hairdryer to blow dry the bangs straight. Put the round brush underneath the bangs while you are blowdrying them so it will give your bangs some volume.

Another way to hide your forehead by using your bangs is to have your bangs swept to the side. Use your large, round brush and instead of blowdrying your bangs straight down, blowdry them diagonally. Put the round brush underneath your bangs while you are blowdrying them so as they dry, they will be swept to the side but also have volume to them.

Hats are a good way to hide a large forehead, especially for a guy. Make sure you have one that fits properly.

If you really want to cover your large forehead, stop feeling like you have one and embrace it instead. The more you feel self conscious about it, the more it will become visible to other people. You're sending out signals for other people to stare at it. The more comfortable you feel with your body, even when having a large forehead, the better you will come across to others and the better you'll feel about yourself.