By Valerie Tandoi

Losing weight is not easy. If you are currently on a diet and exercising regularly you are on a good path to getting in shape. Since weight loss is not an overnight process, you still need to feel good about yourself at your current weight. If you carry a lot of weight in your belly, you may be self-conscious about how you look in clothing. There are a few style tips to take into consideration if you want to hide your fat tummy.

How to Hide a Fat Tummy

Wear a tunic and leggings if you have slender legs, but carry a lot of weight in your belly. The tightness of the leggings will draw attention to your slender stems and the flowing and loose nature of the tunic will hide your belly fat.

Utilize compression garments. If you need to wear a tight dress for an event, ditch your regular undergarments and wear compression garments instead. These garments are made with material that minimizes belly fat and helps you to look smoother under your clothing.

Find clothes that fit you. Wearing clothes that are too tight will make your belly fat look like a big bulge. However, wearing clothes that are three sizes too large is not flattering either.

Use a corset under a gown if you have a formal event to attend. Corsets can help to give you a smooth and curvy shape under a wedding dress or bridesmaid gown.

Search for a dark colored bathing suit that has some ruffles or ruching near the stomach area. This can help to hide tummy fat.

Invest in a skort. A skort is a one piece bottom that is a pair of shorts with a skirt over it. The shorts are usually on the tighter side and then the loose skirt portion drapes over it, helping to hide unwanted stomach rolls.