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After years of worshipping tweezers, women are embracing thick, natural eyebrows. Not everyone is blessed in this department, though, and there is no instant cure to make sparse brows run wild. Some gentle care, and even a little makeup, helps compensate for nature's shortcomings, making your brows look healthy and full.

Put Down the Tweezers

Overplucking your brows is easy to do, even when you intend to remove just a few strays. If you're serious about transforming thin, weak brows into thick ones, Allure recommends not tweezing for three to four months and possibly longer, as over-plucked brows take up to a year to recover. When you do pluck, use sharp, slanted tweezers that allow you to work with precision, preventing you from pulling out too many hairs.

Try a Serum or Conditioner

To encourage eyebrow growth, consider treating them with a specially formulated serum. According to Dr. Adel Rammel of Indeed Labs, eyebrow serums use powerful peptides to "increas(e) the anagen cycle, the growth phase of all hair." To keep new hairs healthy and strong, pamper them with a vitamin-packed brow conditioning product. Alternately, keep things natural by dabbing a little coconut oil on your eyebrows to nourish them.

Exfoliate and Trim

Gently exfoliating your eyebrows can stimulate hair follicles, helping new growth. A soft toothbrush, rubbed gently over the brow area, will do the job without being too harsh. Instead of pulling out rogue hairs when you're trying to regrow, simply trim them using a pair of cosmetic scissors to keep them tame and tidy.

Use a Little Makeup

If Mother Nature hasn't blessed you with thick, lustrous brows, use makeup to pick up where she left off. A dusting of brow powder, applied with an angled brush, makes your eyebrows appear full and striking. A bit of eyeliner can be used to shape and fine-tune the ends of your brows. Use makeup sparingly, though. Too much will make your brows look unnatural and painted on, the opposite of the healthy, natural look you want.

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