How to Grow Longer Lashes Naturally

By LeafTV Contributor

While it may take some effort, growing longer lashes naturally is possible. Conditioning the hair with healthy oils is the best way to promote faster growth without the use of drugs or fake extensions. Just remember to be patient, as eyelashes grow more slowly than any other hair on the body. Stick with the routine of conditioning each night before bed and you'll soon have stronger, longer lashes.

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Step 1

Apply a thin coat of olive oil, castor oil or vitamin E oil to your lashes before bed each night. These oils are believed to encourage faster hair growth and condition the hairs, making them stronger and resulting in naturally longer lashes.

Step 2

Dip a clean eyelash brush in the oil of choice, and then apply the oil directly to the lashes, beginning at the base and ending at the tip. Brush the oil over the lashes several times, and then pat dry with a tissue to remove any excess oil.

Step 3

Allow the oil to remain on your lashes overnight and wash them clean in the morning with water and gentle facial cleanser. Repeat daily, but keep in mind that it may take several weeks or even months before noticeable results are achieved.