Whether you wear your hair in its natural, unprocessed state or you choose to straighten it with chemicals or flat irons, your hair can grow out evenly with some minor routine care on your part. It's more important to maintain even lengths if you wear your hair straight, but even women who only straighten their hair on occasion will enjoy good hair growth with hair that's an even length. You may find it more helpful to visit a stylist for this service.

Get regular trims to remove dry or split ends. It's best to visit a professional for this.

Trim your hair yourself or ask a friend for help if you don't want to visit a stylist. To make sure your hair is cut evenly, have a friend trim the back.

Straighten your hair before trimming to make sure it's trimmed evenly. Women who don't wear their hair straightened on a regular basis can blow dry it or flat iron it before trimming.

Shampoo and condition hair about once per week with moisturizing products. Daily shampooing isn't recommended for black hair as it can be too drying.

Use gentle styling techniques such as wet sets, dry wraps and air drying to keep direct heat to a minimum. Too much heat is drying to black hair, which can lead to damage and uneven breakage.