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If your iPod suffers from freezing, where the screen or music is unresponsive, you can unfreeze the device's speakers by resetting the iPod. When resetting your iPod the device will perform a "hard reset," which is called this because of the abrupt reset. Generally, performing a hard reset will fix the freezing issue. A persistent freezing iPod will require a restoration, which erases your iPod's hard drive and restores it to the device's original factory settings. Be sure to backup your iPod before restoring it to prevent data loss.

Hard Reset the iPod

Push the "Hold" switch on the top of the iPod to the right, and push it back to the "OFF" position.

Press and hold the "Menu" button and "Center" button on the iPod simultaneously. Continue to hold the buttons until the screen goes back, and the Apple icon appears.

Press and hold the "Menu" and "Center" buttons again once the iPod returns to the main screen to reset the iPod once more. Release the buttons once the Apple icon appears.

Restore iPod

Plug the wide end of the FireWire or USB cable into the bottom of your iPod, and plug the other end into your computer's empty USB or FireWire port.

Click "Start" on your Windows PC's lower-left screen, and click "All Programs," "Apple" and "iTunes." For Macs, click the "iTunes" icon on the screen dock.

Click the "iPod" tab in the Devices section of the iTunes sidebar. Click the "Summary" tab.

Click the "Restore" button, and select "Restore" on the dialog box. For Mac computers, enter your administrator user name and password when prompted.