How to Give Shoulder-length Hair Volume

By Sydney Lundgren

Fine hair is prone to looking limp and flat. Shoulder-length layered hair can remedy that by removing some of the bulk from the top of the head. It is also a versatile hairstyle since you can easily wear it up or down. Adding volume to your shoulder-length hair will not only plump up your locks but take your hair from flat to fab.

Hot rollers add body to shoulder-length locks.

Step 1

Spritz a volumizing spray on the roots of your hair when it is damp. Do not comb it through the hair.

Step 2

Aim a hairdryer at your roots. Hold 2-inch sections of hair taut with a round brush while blow drying. Continue to lift all of your hair in this manner.

Step 3

Flip your head over. Finish blow drying the rest of your hair until it is almost dry.

Step 4

Wrap 2-inch sections of hair around large hot rollers and secure the rollers in place with clips. Leave the rollers in for 15 minutes. Unclip and unroll your hair. Mist with hairspray.

Step 5

Rub styling wax between your fingers and then lightly through your hair.