How to Give a Swedish Leg Massage

By LeafTV Editor

How to Give a Swedish Leg Massage. Swedish massage is the most common form of massage in the United States and uses a variety of techniques to relieve stress and tension in the muscles of the body. While there are an infinite number of Swedish massage techniques to work the legs, a few tricks may help you augment your repertoire as a massage therapist or can teach you how to give a leg massage at home.

Give a Swedish Leg Massage

Step 1

Begin your Swedish leg massage with your client face up on the table. Warm up the muscles of the leg by applying a small amount of massage lotion or oil to your hands and kneading the leg muscles with your hands.

Step 2

Prepare your own body to begin working a bit deeper into the legs. You never want to massage with just your arms, rather open your legs slightly, bend your knees and push from the legs and hips, allowing your entire body to guide the force behind your hands. This will help protect your lower back and conserve your energy.

Step 3

Cup your hands around the client's ankle with your thumbs barely touching. Take extra care not to massage directly over the shin bone, as it can be sensitive. Press gently with even pressure along the length of your hands, as if you are trying to bring your palms together. Begin to push up the leg.

Step 4

Push all the way up the length of the leg, stopping your inner hand as it nears the groin and allowing your outside hand to continue all the way to the upper thigh. When you reach the thigh, turn both of your hands so that your finger point towards the table and gently slip your fingers under the sides of the leg.

Step 5

Keep your hands under the legs, cupping the muscles as your draw your hands back to the ankles. Use a lifting pressure, just enough to massage the muscles, but not so much that you pick the leg up off of the table. Repeat this Swedish massage technique on both legs, using long, graceful sweeping motions.