How to Give a Hand Massage

By LeafTV Editor

How to Give a Hand Massage. A hand massage can be a euphoric experience, releasing tension from one of the most used parts of our bodies and sending relaxing feelings from the finger tips throughout the body. Treat yourself or a friend to a calming treat by giving a hand massage.

Give a Hand Massage

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Step 1

Soak the hands one at a time in a bowl of warm, soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes. In addition to increasing blood flow and relaxing the hand, it cleans and softens the skin.

Step 2

Use oil as a lubricant. Peanut oil and olive oil work well. Avoid mineral-based oils.

Step 3

Pour oil into the left hand. Work the oil into the skin using strong, circular strokes. Notice the oil warms as you work with it. This helps to increase circulation. Work with hands as if lathering them with soap to get muscles and tendons stretched and relaxed.

Step 4

Begin at the base of each finger, gently pulling each finger out without popping the joints. Apply pressure while pulling the finger out toward the finger tip and thumb.

Step 5

Turn the left hand palm up and use the pad of your thumb to rub the palm, using clockwise and counterclockwise circles. Pay close attention to the large lower thumb joint.

Step 6

Face the same hand palm down now, and use your thumb to make long strokes with pressure. Move from the point between each finger toward the wrist. Apply generous pressure. Stroke between the long bones rather than directly on them.

Step 7

Finish massaging the left hand by applying crosswise strokes back and forth across the top of the hand. Pay additional attention to the outer pad of the hand.

Step 8

Repeat all steps on the right hand, and following the massage, allow hands to rest for 5 to 10 minutes.