Thigh and buttock massage

For as much as our butts do for us, we certainly don't give them much credit. We blame them for being too big, too slow, too droopy and even too noisy. But without our buttocks, we'd be in trouble. Give your loved one a buttocks massage using these steps--and if you're lucky you might just get one in return.

Include the buttocks in a full-body massage that starts with the neck and shoulders, continues down the back and then reaches the buttocks and legs, if you have the time. Maintain contact with her skin the entire time in order to keep her relaxed and comfortable with where you are.

Kneel next to the person, with your body turned diagonally towards her body and head.

Place your hands at the top of the buttocks and fan them up and out, following the natural roundness. This releases the tension from the spine opens up tight lower back muscles.

Continue the outward rub around to the sides and back up around, in a circular motion. Pull up on the sides and knead the fleshy areas on top.

Position yourself further down her legs. Press the palm of your hand into the back of her lower-thigh, just about the knee. Push upward, all the way into the meat of the buttocks. Repeat with the other side.

Make small, circular motions to the pressure points around the triangle at the base of the lower back.

Keep contact and continuous movement throughout the massage. Any pauses or "down time" could startle her or make her wonder what's next, which isn't very relaxing.