How to Give a Coffee Enema

By LeafTV Contributor

How to Give a Coffee Enema. The controversial practice of colonics and enemas arguably aid in detoxification of the body and improve overall health. Stimulant chemicals in a coffee enema relax smooth muscles and help the body evacuate toxins, leading to better overall health. Many medical doctors warn against practices of this nature, while holistic and alternative medicine professionals have suggested them for years. Read on if you would like to know how to give a coffee enema.

Give a Coffee Enema

Enema Preparation

Step 1

Boil 1 quart of distilled water in a cooking pot.

Step 2

Put 2 tbsp. of coffee into the water, and boil another five minutes.

Step 3

Turn off the burner and let the coffee cool. The coffee should be around the temperature you would use for a baby's bottle before continuing. Try to let it achieve a comfortable body temperature.

Step 4

Pour the coffee into the enema bag making sure no grounds end up in the bag. Allow the coffee to also fill the catheter tubing by loosening the clamp until all air has left the tubing.

Step 5

Hang the enema bag about two feet off the floor. You want it only high enough to flow gently from the bag.

Enema Procedure

Step 6

Lay down on the floor on your back or right side. Insert the catheter into your rectum a few inches.

Step 7

Release the catheter clamp and allow half of the coffee to enter your rectum. Close the clamp sooner if you feel discomfort or fullness.

Step 8

Hold the enema in for as long as you can, with a goal of 12 to 15 minutes. Remove the catheter and empty your bowels when the urge hits. You can empty your bowels sooner than the 12 to 15 minute goal if you feel the urge. Repeat this step with the remaining coffee, using no more than 2 cups at a time.

Step 9

Rinse out or throw away the enema bag when you are done. Clean the bag with boiling water or peroxide if you plan to use it again.