How to Get Small Bangles Onto a Wrist

By LeafTV Editor

How to Get Small Bangles Onto a Wrist. Bangle bracelets can complete a look or express your personal style if you know how to wear them with panache. There is one drawback, however. These fashion accessorires can be hard to get onto your wrist.

Get Small Bangles Onto a Wrist

Step 1

Apply lotion to your hand and wrist. Lotion will make your skin smoother and reduce friction between your skin and the bangle so that the bangles can slide on easier. Use a water-based, non-greasy lotion so that your bangles don't get dirty.

Step 2

Relax your muscles in your fingers and your hand. Lay your hand flat for a few seconds and allow all the muscles to loosen. Tense muscles make it difficult to slide small bangles over your wrist.

Step 3

Warm up the bangles first. Certain metal bangles will be more malleable and slightly softer if they are warm. Hold the bangles in your hand for a few minutes or slip them in your pocket while you finish getting ready to warm them to your body temperature.

Step 4

Slide the bangles over your hand at an angle. This will give you a few additional degrees of space and allow you to work the bangles up and over your wrist in small increments.