You had your eyebrow pierced and now you’ve decided to take it out. While it might not be a problem to remove the piercing, you’re probably left with an unsightly scar on your face. This might be as simple as a few holes or if you had an infection, you might notice that you have a larger scar that cuts through your eyebrow. There are some people who will tell you that you’re stuck with this scar forever, but those people are wrong. There are a few things you can do to get rid of any eyebrow piercing scar.

Ask your doctor for steroid injections in the area. Steroid injections cause your skin to create new skin and can rejuvenate the area. While it may be painful, this option works for many people. You may need to have several injections before seeing any results.

Give yourself time and be patient. Scars take time to heal, but given the small size of your eyebrow piercing, the area should heal within a year or two. Many people who had their eyebrow pierced show no signs of a scar within several months.

Talk to a professional surgeon about your plastic surgery options. Plastic surgery can help make your scars disappear quickly, though the doctor may require that you wait awhile before undergoing the surgery. You can’t have the surgery done until your piercing has fully healed.

Rub a small amount of Bio-Oil on your scar. Bio-Oil is an all natural remedy used to reduce the appearance of scars on the body. You can find it at health food stores and organic stores around the world.

Use Cocoa-Butter on the area at least once a day. Cocoa butter is often used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and it also works well on scars. The butter helps moisten the skin and cause it to become more flexible and soft, which can help heal the scar tissue.

Put Mederma on the scar and then cover it with sunscreen. Mederma is an over the counter topical cream available from drugstores and helps heal scar tissue. The sunscreen also aids in the healing process.


  • Ask your piercer for help on healing the scar. They may know of a better treatment option or have access to some of the products described here.