How to Get Rid of Burgundy Hair Color

By Lisa Musser

You have decided to be daring and color your hair a burgundy red, but it turned out much darker than you expected. Is there any way to get rid of the color? Well, you cannot get rid of the color completely, but you can fade it or change it to a chestnut brown or auburn. With any new color, you have a 72-hour window to make any changes to the color. After 72 hours, the color is set and will be harder to correct.

Burgundy hair color may not be right for everyone.

Step 1

Wash the hair immediately after coloring. Use a clarifying shampoo to wash out some of the color. Prell or a good dandruff shampoo should work. Some people have recommended using tide or dish soap, but these dry out the hair and leave a residue that is hard to wash out.

Step 2

Try a hair color remover. Clairol and L'Oreal make color remover products that only remove the artificial color. Follow the directions on the box and use plastic gloves. Do not use any metal combs or bowls to mix the solution.

Step 3

Try a new color. Burgundy is a dark color so to change it, try a light to medium brown to turn it to a chestnut brown. Box hair colors work by lightening the color of the hair and depositing the new color in the cuticle. It should lighten the dark burgundy to a lighter reddish color, and the brown will mix nicely with it.

Step 4

Get help from a professional. If you are afraid to fix it yourself, seek the help of a qualified stylist. Your stylist can give you options for correcting your color and she has access to professional products made specifically for the purpose.