Beauty Portrait. Concept Coloring Hair. Isolated on White

So, you made an impulse move and dyed your hair red, and now it's looking pretty dark and pretty red. Is there a rescue remedy for this current situation? Bad news is you won't be able to completely reverse the dye job, but the GOOD NEWS is you can fade it down to a chestnut or auburn color. With hair that's been newly dyed, there's a 72-hour window to make color changes. After about 3 days, the color is set and will be more difficult to correct.

Wash hair immediately after coloring. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove as much color as possible. Prell or a decent dandruff shampoo are good options. Some people recommend using tide or dish soap, but these dry out hair and leave a residue, which would give you another problem to contend with.

Next use a hair color remover. Clairol and L’Oreal make color removal products that will only remove artificial color and not strip your hair. Follow the directions on the box and use plastic gloves.

Now, re-dye your hair a new color. Burgundy is a deep, dark color so light dyes are out. Try a chestnut or light brown, this will help tone down the dark red.

Box hair dyes work by first lightening the existing hair color and then depositing the new color in the cuticle. Using a brown dye, should lighten the burgundy to a fainter reddish hue, with notes of brown.

If all else fails...

Get help from a professional stylist. Your stylist can give you options for correcting your color and he/she has access to professional products made specifically for the purpose.


Red hair colors fade the fastest of them all. The dark color will fade out eventually. A final option is to let the color grow out and trim the ends every six weeks until all the color is gone.


Before using any coloring products on your hair, be sure to do a patch test for allergic sensitivity. If you experience any allergic reactions to the product, discontinue using it and see your doctor.