Close-up of wavy red hair

Hair stylists say almost every woman can wear some shade of red. Choosing the correct shade of red for your coloring is what can be difficult. If you're considering making the switch from blonde to red hair, don't hesitate. Red hair is fun, youthful and sexy. And you don't even have to get a bad temper to go with your new head of red hair.

Choose the correct shade of red. Women with warm skin should choose golden shades of red, such as auburn. If you have cool skin, you can wear more intense shades of red.

Decide whether to do it yourself or go to a professional. Switching from blonde to red is a dramatic change. A professional stylist is probably your best choice. Make sure your stylist is experienced with using color. She will need to use a filler before applying the dye. This will help the hair shaft grab the color evenly.

Enlist the help of a friend if you're doing your color at home. Do a strand test using a teaspoon of the hair color to see if you've actually gotten the color you wanted. Wear rubber gloves and old clothes. Use a comb and towel that you can throw away once they're covered in dye. Read the directions carefully, and then have your friend read them, too.

Use a semipermanent color if you're at all unsure about the change from blonde to red. A semipermanent color will wash out after several shampoos. A permanent color is yours for the long haul. If you want to go back to blonde, you will either have to wait until your hair grows out or use dye once again.

Take care of your newly red hair. Use a protective hair spray before blow drying. Use a shampoo and conditioner made for color-treated hair. Stay away from swimming pool; chlorine can strip hair color.


  • If you still want to swim, pour a bottle of water over your hair before getting in the pool. Pre-wetting hair can lessen the damages caused by chlorine.