How to Select Clothing Colors for a Redhead

By LeafTV Editor

There are a lot of myths about the dos and don'ts of red hair. But the truth is, red hair is complemented by quite a few colors. In fact, red itself and other jewel-toned colors brighten and radiate redheads' complexions.

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How To Select Clothing Colors For A Redhead

First things first: It's a myth that redheads can't wear red. Many celebrities and fashion experts have proven otherwise -- redheads can wear red. The trick is to show a little skin up top to break up the red from your hair and your dress or top. Just don't overdo it with a red identical to the color of your hair. For example, if you're a strawberry blonde, go with a soft cranberry or an orange-red, which both contrast nicely.

Blue is one of those universal colors that complements almost all hair colors, and there's no exception when it comes to redheads. Whether an inky navy, soft powder or deep cobalt, blue is "do" for red-tressed women. It highlights fair skin and offers a deep contrast to bring out your red locks.

Green has long been the go-to color for redheads and rightfully so, as it makes red hair radiant. From muted and olive greens to Kelly green and emerald jeweled-tones, this earthy hue was made for redheads. Instead of your usual LBD, try a little green dress (LGD) to meet the girls for late-night cocktails. Or, give your outfit a pop with a touch of green in a blazer or dress.


Green is a redhead's best friend, but steer clear of yellowy-greens and opt for saturated greens instead.

Purple is known as a no-no color for many hair colors, but it's actually very flattering on redheads. The trick to wearing purple is to steer clear of soft lavenders, as muted shades can wash out your skin and hair. True purple is a complementary choice, as are very bright, electric shades. If you want to wear a softer shade of purple, look for a mixed pattern of bright purples and light lilac.

So what shouldn't you wear? Yellows, pastels, fleshy shades and very muted, toned-down shades. These colors will wash out your sunny coloring and vibrancy. Every wardrobe needs neutrals, however -- so opt for black, white and dark chocolate browns.