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If you’ve recently dyed your hair blonde but notice it's gone too gray or purple, there are some safe and inexpensive home remedies that can be considered. These gray and purple tones usually occur when dye is too ashy and has been left on for too long.

To remove these hues, a homemade soap cap can be used to take color away quickly. A soap cap is especially effective on blonde hair since hair is already lightened and peroxide won't cause noticeable color change.

  1. Mix equal parts of the developer or hydrogen peroxide with shampoo in a bowl or a cup. Hydrogen peroxide can be bought at most drugstores. Developer and hydrogen peroxide—typically used to lighten hair—can also be used to remove the unwanted color when combined with shampoo.
  2. Spray water on hair until damp.
  3. Take the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and shampoo and apply it to the areas where the hue of purples and gray are most evident. Massage mixture into the hair. 
  4. Leave the mixture on your hair for 4-5 minutes. Monitor hair frequently to check if the purple or gray hues are dissolving.
  5. Once purple and gray tones are removed sufficiently, wash hair with warm water. Make sure the solution is completely removed. 
  6. Apply conditioner to help minimize damage.
  7. Rinse and style as usual. 


To avoid the issue of unwanted gray or purple tones in blonde hair completely, don't leave toner or dye in for longer than the recommended time. Constantly check on the toning process every few minutes to see the state of hair. Typically, toner for blonde hair should only be left on for 10 minutes or less.